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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

BadGalRiRi and her Navy...

I'm from the old school when you wrote to your favorite rapper's fan club wishing they'd send a personalized, autographed picture to post on your wall.  A real wall with tape!  I only got one picture of LL Cool J that wasn't autographed and I had to hide because I didn't want my parents to know that I was drooling over a half-naked man with a gold rope and Kangol hat.

But I'm not that old, I have a twitter account-two actually!  One for my professional, academic life that shares articles and headlines that most people find boring and the other to follow people like Chris Rock, Common, various reality show stars (Draya, Jennifer Williams) and Rihanna (@badgalriri).  Now I probably don't fall under typical Rihanna Navy fanbase as I haven't "followed" her on twitter since she started out in 2005.  I can't even be sure which account she tweets from...there's one with 9K followers and one with 28M (can you guess which one?).  I am however a fan of her music.  Every version of my iPod, iPhone, iPod touch has several of her albums and singles.  Dat gal cyan sing!!!  And what I like about her is her attitude:  seemingly carefree, often guarded, fun and serious about her paper!  I watched her on Oprah with her mom, I've heard her anger and heartbreak through her songs and  I've seen her give the media the middle finger...this girl is real!  Even my 62 year old mom loves her. Is it her island roots?  (We're Haitian but close enough!)  How many pop stars come from island nations and crossover to gain notoriety worldwide? The last I checked, it was Bob Marley and I dare you to find someone else.

One of the other reasons why I admire her authenticity...this will sustain her through all the bullshit that most celebrities go through.  She seems to have a solid circle of friends to fall back on and she has a home base that she can rejuvenate and be private.  She's relatable.  I may not have her money, her talent but her songs make me feel like she understands what it's like to be a "good girl gone bad".  We all have that side of us and it's fun to watch someone express it the way she does.

So why do I write all this?  I decided to follow her because I read one of the best articles about a fan who met Rihanna after her Chicago concert.  It confirmed what I thought all along...she's beautiful, inside and out.

Now if I can only get her to come to Boston... :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Our people need to step our movie game up...

...directing that is. You mean to tell me of all the films that were released in 2010, not one of them featured an Oscar worthy story line, director or actor? Is that a reflection of our population in this country, that being only 12% of the population. Are we counting only those who are upstanding, responsible members of society because by my observation, I think we have much more than that!

Seriously, I've watched most of the films nominated for an Oscar including "The Fighter" with Wahlberg & Christian Bale and between that film and "Black Swan", I think the realism portrayed in the boxer movie was much more relevant and worthy of something. However, if Don Cheadle played a drug addicted, former star athlete brother to a maladjusted nobody from a industrial neighborhood like say, West Oakland would it garner that much attention from the Academy? (F*in politics...)

And Mr. Tyler Perry with his million dollar, having all the jobs as director, actor and producer in most of his productions couldn't even be mentioned for even trying to portray a movie about the struggles of Black Women? Oh, that's right, since it was "For Colored Girls", the rest of the population, including the Academy didn't see it. "Fried Green Tomatoes" dealt with some abusive themes and it was nominated. (F*in politics)

So I ask, where are the Spike Lees, the Lee Daniels, the John Singletons and the Van Peebles of the world (as long as he doesn't do another Boyz in the Hood) of the 12% population of Black directors? I'm sure one of us can produce something Oscar worthy and relevant to us and the rest of the world.

But will we care?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Why can't we be like France? Should I be an expatriate?

I am sure I'm not the first to say how disgusted I am by the way certain functions in America work, in particular capitalism. I was actually upset after watching Michael Moore's "Capitalism: A Love Story" that I was teary eyed going to bed. This morning I woke up with such an anger at how some of us have resigned ourselves to self imposed slavery. Some of us wake up every morning with the same routines of getting dressed, commuting, drinking coffee and working at a desk or hospital until one of our extremities give up and force us to take stock of our lives.

We've become robots to this machine. Again, I'm not stating anything new but it's disheartening to realize that in some places, like Paris (pronounced pah-ree) people are fed up and are doing something about it. "Non! Monsieur Sarkozy, you will not raise the retirement age to 62 and this is what will happen if you do!" Six days of protests, union workers, students and people of all ages have taken to the streets to denounce his decision. And this is about retirement! http://www.nytimes.com/2010/10/20/world/europe/20france.html

Friday, September 10, 2010

Open Letter to Sports Fans

By the time I went to bed last night, numerous news stations were broadcasting the Tom Brady contract extension of $72 million to be paid over 4 yars making him the highest paid NFL player in the league. When will it be enough?

I'd venture to say that about 90% of the paying fanbase will never see that amount of money in their lifetime. The EMTs and medics that came to his rescue when he crashed his vehicle yesterday in the Back Bay will definitely never see that amount of money even though they save lives. They earn about an average of $43,000 annually. What about the teachers who taught Brady over the course of his life in San Mateo, California and later in Michigan? Teachers who influence young lives never see that amount of money in their careers either.

I think we should change the way we view entertainers and athletes. Fans are the only reason that keep these people in business and yet we've allowed them to eclipse even the true role models people look up to because of talent. There are those that don't even have real talent but yet enjoy multimillion dollar salaries--look at the top ten artists on the Billboard charts.

And is it cheap to see attend an MLB, NFL, NBA or pop concert? No way! Most NE Patriot games start at $100-$1000 per ticket. So this is what fans should do...say something! Perhaps ask your favorite athlete to forgo part of his salary and donate it to a local public school, university, community center. All those kids walking around in Michael Jordan basketball shoes and #12 Jerseys need that money a lot more than they do!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Haiti + Wyclef=Progress?

It was announced that Wyclef Jean, hip hop musician extraordinaire has decided to declare his intent to run for President of the Republique d'Haiti. In my humble opinion, this may not be a good idea. Here are three reasons:

1. Inexperience
I know, I know. That was the first thing out of everyone's mouth when Obama as a freshman senator decided (with help, of course) that he would run for President of the United States. Here's the thing; How long has Mr. Jean resided in Haiti to understand the nature of politics that has placed a virtual blockade of progress for most of Haiti's years of independence. Dictatorships, self-appointed leaders, army generals have all had a run of the country and she has suffered because of this.

2. U.S Support
Most people (in my circle) know for a fact that the United States was behind the "kidnapping" of President Jean Bertrand Aristide. The party, Famni Lavalas was not playing by the rules the U.S put forth when they agreed to place him in power. One must wonder why a leader chosen by the people would be forced to vacate his presidency and turn it over to someone chosen by another government.

3. Safety
Are we sure that he and his family will be safe from those who will undoubtedly threaten his well being while he attempts to transform the country. I believe that there are people unwilling to allow Haiti to flourish as it should. Those with economic interests has so far made it more than difficult for aid to be distributed fairly and safely. Will Jean be successful in changing this?

Even before the devastation caused by the earthquake, it was heartbreaking to hear of family members suffering because of lack of resources and opportunities to prosper in a country so full of promise and hope. My parents and other family members often talk about what would happen if someone became president, what would that person be like. Should he or she be American born? Educated internationally? The candidate should of course be of the people, supported by the people. Never in a million years did they think a musician would be a likely candidate. Let's look beyond the hype.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Beware of experts


These so called "experts" are everywhere...
I've had 13 hour debate on facebook on simply this, people dub themselves or are proclaimed experts in a wide variety of subjects.  But my number one pet peeve are relationship experts. From the clip in the website above, am I supposed to rely on a team of experts ranging from "celebrity groomers" and "Joe Trainer" to analyze and provide guidance on relationships.  Reminds me of Mr. Steve Harvey...Do we know their relationship status? How many relationships did you have to go through before you finally got it right? Should you be dubbed a dating expert?

Where is the evidence that these people are worth the time listening to, like many of the talking heads on TV. Just because they get face time, where is the connection between what they are promoting and what they are living? We live in a world where everyone looks to others for some sort of guidance but if you're claiming you're an expert than I want to see how you got there. Yes we can learn from all---I'm sure the divorcee that is giving marital advice is dishing out stuff she learned along the way. But to me, I liken that to fitness gurus who model the latest diet or exercise fad and have never had more than 10% body fat in their lives but swear they're the best because all the skinny models stay skinny! I wanna see a 250lbs woman on TV and her healthy progression of weight lost! But I digress...we need to be looking toward our families, close friends, community and especially elders on advice that we can use.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Blueberries...the bougie fruit

I am annoyed...

Apparently all the fruits and veggies known as "superfoods" are now dangerous to eat because of the massive amounts of pesticides sprayed on them.  Blueberries, strawberries, cherries, celery are foods that have thin membranes and therefore absorb chemical treatments used to deter pests.  Unfortunately, we are ingesting them daily because people have been told that they provide antioxidants and other organic chemicals to fight infections.

Has anyone seen the price of these superfoods?  Shopping at Whole Foods, the prices are no surprise because they are supporting local farms (supposedly).  Places like Shaw's, Stop & Shop or in the West Coast, Safeway--berry fruits cost up to $4.99 a pound!  But the real issue is that now we're supposed to buy strictly "organic" fruits that have been grown in pesticide-free, conventionally grown environments. 

So, now fruits have gone bourgeois.  Buying organic isn't just about eating healthy foods, it also demonstrates your social status.  I don't see local bodegas rushing to sell organic fruits and frankly, most low-middle income can't afford to buy a pound of bing cherries for $7.99 let alone those who subsist on government aid.  Are organic fruits and veggies being distributed in food pantries?  I doubt it.  This is just another way to classify poverty, nutritionally.

If the government had any real power, this war on poverty and obesity would have an effect on this organic vs. regular foods and start changing the way people eat, poor or not!  Why would a single mom with 3 kids buy a box of Kashi cereal for $4.59 when Fruity Pebbles cost $2.50?  It's not because she doesn't know about good food, she's worried about having more money in her pocket!