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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Respect, death, and the new generation

I have always considered myself and I've been told by others that I am friendly, approachable and genuinely nice. I believe it, usually. But there are things are slowly chipping away at my demeanor for example, respect (or the lack of).

1. K. West is just a reminder of how people really are around you. His behavior and his actions thereafter remind me of people who do things to hurt your feelings and then apologize when you you express your disapproval. This is not sincere! How different was Mr. West's behavior to Jesse Jackson stated unknowingly into a live mic that Obama was a "uncle Tom" and later apologizes because people reacted. Or what about the recent congressman who called Obama a liar during session? Maybe the several countries who after benefitting from slavery for hundreds of year later issue an apology because...oh yea! It was wrong to to subject an entire generation and progenies later to their willful, abusive treatments. People have forgotten how to behave in public and really at home. We have become a society that enjoys taunting, bullying and teasing other people for kicks and then give a lame apology to excuse our behavior.

2. Death---so many people have died this year including celebs; Kennedy, Jackson, Swayze, Fawcett, etc. Here's my issue: The rush to "get over it". It may not be verbalized but the media has an insane affect on how you deal with your emotions. Psychologically, we are unable to properly grieve.

Day 1. A.M headline "XXX dies today at XX"
Day 1 P.M news about all the accomplishments, failures of said person who passed.
Day 2 A.M headline "Funeral service for XXX to be held on XX"
Day 3-5 (headline may move to page 2-3)
Day 6+ other newsworthy items

So basically, we're given like 5 days to grieve someone we barely know and even our own friends and family. Just look at your bereavement policy of your employer.

3. The new generation-Our kids are walking robots!

My 12 year old had to learn the "Our Lord's Prayer" in Latin at his school and I asked if he knew the prayer in English he said, "No." I asked my mom if she knew the prayer and she said, "Of course, I learned that prayer in elementary school so I know it by heart!" She asks him, "Do you want to learn it?" He says, "no, I'll just get it from the internet." What?
Kids just don't get the value of having someone older around them. There was a time when the youth would ask their grandparents about their lives, their triumphs and struggles. These days, we look to technology for all information. I'm ashamed to say this, but he doesn't even know our mother language. And believe me we've tried to teach it.

Oral traditions are lost...what a travesty.