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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Haiti + Wyclef=Progress?

It was announced that Wyclef Jean, hip hop musician extraordinaire has decided to declare his intent to run for President of the Republique d'Haiti. In my humble opinion, this may not be a good idea. Here are three reasons:

1. Inexperience
I know, I know. That was the first thing out of everyone's mouth when Obama as a freshman senator decided (with help, of course) that he would run for President of the United States. Here's the thing; How long has Mr. Jean resided in Haiti to understand the nature of politics that has placed a virtual blockade of progress for most of Haiti's years of independence. Dictatorships, self-appointed leaders, army generals have all had a run of the country and she has suffered because of this.

2. U.S Support
Most people (in my circle) know for a fact that the United States was behind the "kidnapping" of President Jean Bertrand Aristide. The party, Famni Lavalas was not playing by the rules the U.S put forth when they agreed to place him in power. One must wonder why a leader chosen by the people would be forced to vacate his presidency and turn it over to someone chosen by another government.

3. Safety
Are we sure that he and his family will be safe from those who will undoubtedly threaten his well being while he attempts to transform the country. I believe that there are people unwilling to allow Haiti to flourish as it should. Those with economic interests has so far made it more than difficult for aid to be distributed fairly and safely. Will Jean be successful in changing this?

Even before the devastation caused by the earthquake, it was heartbreaking to hear of family members suffering because of lack of resources and opportunities to prosper in a country so full of promise and hope. My parents and other family members often talk about what would happen if someone became president, what would that person be like. Should he or she be American born? Educated internationally? The candidate should of course be of the people, supported by the people. Never in a million years did they think a musician would be a likely candidate. Let's look beyond the hype.