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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Beware of experts


These so called "experts" are everywhere...
I've had 13 hour debate on facebook on simply this, people dub themselves or are proclaimed experts in a wide variety of subjects.  But my number one pet peeve are relationship experts. From the clip in the website above, am I supposed to rely on a team of experts ranging from "celebrity groomers" and "Joe Trainer" to analyze and provide guidance on relationships.  Reminds me of Mr. Steve Harvey...Do we know their relationship status? How many relationships did you have to go through before you finally got it right? Should you be dubbed a dating expert?

Where is the evidence that these people are worth the time listening to, like many of the talking heads on TV. Just because they get face time, where is the connection between what they are promoting and what they are living? We live in a world where everyone looks to others for some sort of guidance but if you're claiming you're an expert than I want to see how you got there. Yes we can learn from all---I'm sure the divorcee that is giving marital advice is dishing out stuff she learned along the way. But to me, I liken that to fitness gurus who model the latest diet or exercise fad and have never had more than 10% body fat in their lives but swear they're the best because all the skinny models stay skinny! I wanna see a 250lbs woman on TV and her healthy progression of weight lost! But I digress...we need to be looking toward our families, close friends, community and especially elders on advice that we can use.


  1. Notice how this is all going down in the Spike Lee screening lounge...? I'm sure this will be the progress he was hoping for and alluding to in School Daze.

  2. ...and so the story goes, Essence has a piece on relationships written by the relationship "Guru" Steve Harvey himself. Grrrr